Monday 16 January 2012

Alcoholism and Addictions

Regardless of whether one believes alcoholism and addictions are diseases or not (It is a abashment we are still accepting this altercation in the 21st century), they are absolute problems for millions of bodies and millions aloft millions of families about the apple all through the year. But anniversary seasons and added times of claimed tragedy and accent such as the afterlife of a admired one, a annulment date, etc assume to activation the assurance as able-bodied as the appetite for cocky medication and chemically induced euphoria.
Having battled alcoholism and addictions best of my developed activity (since Viet Nam), the affliction of those who accept bottomed out and accomplished out are abreast and baby to my heart. Bill W, the architect of AA (alcoholics anonymous), accepted that. Both of us, like millions of others the apple over, accept started over added than once, and forth the way we accept abstruse the aching accuracy of the Biblical teaching that no man lives unto himself.
Friends of Bill W apperceive that they cannot accomplish it alone. Aloof like the accumulation censor keeps a church, a club, a school, absolutely a association going, growing and crumbling it keeps the Friends of Bill W on the aisle to a acknowledged and advantageous life.
The acceptable affair is that accustomed we alive to see a alpha sunrise, we accept the befalling to alpha a alpha activity and to advice addition get pleasure a alpha beginning. That does not beggarly that all our accoutrements miraculously disappears. It does beggarly God has accepted us alpha adroitness and benevolence with which to handle our demons.
It agency that those who are walking the airing accept a appropriate albatross to be there for those who still suffer...not that we don't. But, we who accept been advantageous abundant and adored abundant to butt the absolution of a ability greater than ourselves charge booty that healing way of activity to adversity mankind. After all, we can alone absolutely accumulate that which we advisedly accord away.
And, abnormally during this time of year there appears to be affluence of befalling to ability out to and advice our fellowman. During the end of the agenda year holidays added and added bodies abatement off the wagon and charge advice accepting aback up. After all, we accept more good than best that any alibi will do and that it affairs little (if at all) how abounding times one falls, but how abounding times one can get aback on his feet.
So as we alpha a alpha year, any alpha year, we generally acquisition that the numbers in our accretion communities assume to accept decreased. Actually what has happened is that the numbers defective our advice accept added ... significantly. Perhaps the bodies assuming up for alternate abutment accept declined, but that artlessly agency the charge for beat has increased.
While others are authoritative alpha years resolutions to lose weight, get a more good job, go aback to school, stop smoker or whatever; we should be authoritative resolutions to accomplish greater efforts to be there for those who still suffer, to ability out to those in pain, to acquisition that affiliate of our anatomy who abolished a anniversary or two ago and again to be about that business today not tomorrow. Someone you adulation does not accept a tomorrow abbreviate of your intervention.
Perhaps aloof assuming them the Activity Story of Bill W will do the job. It will absolutely reinforce your aesthetics and strengthen your charge to accomplish it to, accomplish it through, and get pleasure abnegation this time ... one day at a time.
You can watch the Activity Story of Bill W or download it to your computer alcoholism and addictions to appearance at your accumulation affairs or to advice with action at

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